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Is a pleasure to share with you the new collection from Gabriel, I’m on the streets wearing this nice pants, hoody shirt and boots, you will be able to find in different colors. 



Hair: *Dura-Boy*46

Piercing: .Pekka. Worthy Unisex Piercing

Skin: -NIVARO – Adam Skin

Shirt: ::GB::Hoody shirt Denim Blue

Pants: ::GB::Boots in denim – RED

Boots: ::GB:: Studs belt boots

Pose: Purple Poses – Leon


Crunch Time

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Well been a few weeks since I posted, but been working hard on getting these venues done. Proud to say the venue for Eclipse Designs is set and delivered.
The build is 100% mesh minus some minor details, was lots of fun but required lots of optimization in order to keep render times low.
Very pleased with the results.
Highlights below.


Weekend Progress

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Blender! Sometimes a pain, svg imports of flourish for detail really held me up, normals were a mess.
The Faster PussyCat/Velvet Elvis build finally done and delivered to Lex. while I’m pleased with the look mesh still poses some limitations, or maybe my own limitations to get that higher level detail to not hit me so bad in the prim department. The build covering a space of 64×64 metres hitting a hefty 1100prims. Its been fun putting it together though.

Heres some eyecandy!

SVG Love

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Finally getting things underway and have something to show. Ive been messing with SVG files to add detail to the venue build.
Based on flourish designs which enable some detailed structure. Next steps are seams and textures.
More to come.

Builders Blog P1: Work&Werk

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Work&Werk and more work is the keyphrase this week.


80% there. Still need more core content and 2012 highlights.

Build details
Gathering concept ideas for the Faster Pussycat/Velvet Elvis venue build. From whats developing in the wicked grey matter is

Overall Specifications. Keywords are.

Twisted, Circus, Freak Show,  Coney Island, Sprinkle of RocKNRoll.