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Menswear Fashion Week 2016 is OPEN!

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We are thrilled that Menswear Fashion Week 2016 is now open! This year we are traveling to the beautiful city of lights. I always like to do a round up of some of my favorite designs from the event on the first day. Well there were so many I have to break it up into two!

A Stroll with Fordy in His Newly Built Paris Event_2048

MWFW 2016 Ghost'Ink Tattoo __ MWFW 2016 __ ( The Crow - The Damned )

I just love these tattoo from Ghost Ink. The Crow Tattoo especially. Always a powerful symbol! MWFW 2016 ^^Swallow^^ Antoine Photo

For those Mesh Project wearers ^^Swallow^^ has created the dashing and handsome Antoine Mesh Head Applier. MWFW 2016- D I R A M -  KAYNE Outfit - Fitted Mesh - MWFW 2016

I love Diram and Djod’s style sensibility especially when it comes to menswear. She knocked it out of the park with Kayne.MWFW 2016 VITAMEN Paris Theme

Nobody does stylish underwear and swim wear like Vitamen. These Paris Swim Trunks for Niramyth will have you saying Ohh-la-laMWFW 2016 Mesh  Cabbie Cap(WHITE CITY)

Last up we have these Charming Cabbie Caps from White City. These could be worn with so many things and who does not like accessories!

Come take a stroll around the City of Lights and check out all the offerings from the amazing MWFW 2016 designers. Stay tuned for Part Two!

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