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The Month of Games: Introducing Mr. Green

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Join us at The Month of Games as we introduce several of the popular characters from The Month of Games! Check out some fun facts about the games and the characters themselves. Then join us July 12th, 2014 as The Month of Games Opens with a kick start of Candyland:Fashion Extravaganza July 12th, 2014 12pm & 5pm.The Month of Games Website Bar

Mr Green Clue SL 1800

Murder was the name of the game when it came to business for the mobster Mr.Green. However he protested his innocence just as hard as the rest of the elegant crew who had gathered at Boddy Mansion that night. The tough gleam in his eye though says that it could have been Mr.Green in the Billiard Room with the Revolver. To follow the money trail to Mr.Green’s shiny green shoes join SCALA & Siren Productions July 26th, 2014 at 12pm & 5pm SL to see if you sleuth your way through the mystery. MODEL: Tadeu Gartner

Fun Facts About Clue:

1. The game was first introduced in 1949 in England where it was known as Cluedo. It was created to pass the time in the trenches during WW II.

2. Originally the mansion included a “Gun” room. Some thought this was to upper class and elitist so it was cut.

3. The original version had the well known weapons of the candlestick, knife, lead pipe, wrench, rope, and the revolver. It also included the axe, poison, bomb, and hypodermic needle.

Fun Facts About Mr.Green Himself:

4. Originally was a man of the cloth Mr, Green was a vicar with a penchant for the 5th commandment, Murder.

5. In America he is a mobster who likes to get his hands dirty with a bit of cold hard cash.

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