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Siren Productions’ J&A Expo 2014 MVB!

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Siren Productions Most Valuable Blogger JAExpo2014

Siren Productions is proud to announce Most Valuable Blogger for The Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014 as Stella Sangria!  The J&A Expo had so many talented bloggers working hard to promote the event and we are appreciative.  We lament that there can only be one winner but she was in very fine company and we hope that MVB for Siren Productions will become a title to strive for as the program grows with time.

Stella presented beautiful photos for J&A Expo 2014 on her blog, Stella Sangria, and on various social media sites.  We are proud to present her with the title that she will hold until the next J&A Expo rolls around.

Gold and Silver Sponsorships for Siren Productions’ MVB will be ongoing throughout her year holding the title.  Sponsors can sign up at any time.  Her current winnings (subject to being added to) are:

  • 2000L from Siren Productions
  • 2000L plus 500L store credit to J&A Expo 2014 Platinum Store Moondance Boutique from Gold Sponsor BloggingSL
  • 2000L plus 500L store credit/gift certificate from Gold Sponsor B.Barbie Style
  • An MVB ad featuring Stella that will run on Siren Productions, DesigningSL, BloggingSL, & HuntingSL as well as in other media outlets to be determined

Congratulations Stella!!

Honorable mentions to J&A Expo 2014 MVB 2nd and 3rd place Runner Ups, Bambi Chicque and Landa Crystal!

Sponsoring our MVB is an easy and inexpensive way to advertise.  For more information, please click here.

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